Kitchen Cabinets: Repainting versus Renovation

Just upgrading your kitchen cabinetry will give your space a fresh new look. There are two primary refurbishing options to pick from, depending on the condition of your cabinets, your goals, and your budget. By refacing your current cabinets, you might be able to save money and yet be happy with the way things turn out. The best course of action is a total kitchen makeover in the worst case scenario.

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Uncertain about what will work best in your kitchen? Find out below the benefits and drawbacks of kitchen remodeling versus kitchen refacing.

What Is a Reface of a Kitchen?

You may just reface a kitchen cabinet rather than having to rebuild it. Refacing a cabinet is only replacing its “skins,” which entails taking off the doors and drawer fronts and covering the current surface of the cabinet’s body (or “carcass”) with a new veneer. Hinges, knobs, and drawer pulls are usually replaced in addition to the refacing process.

A Kitchen Renovation: What Is It?

During the cabinet remodeling process, every kitchen cabinet is taken out. To ensure that the countertops remain level, skilled installers will place and level your base cabinets. Years later, counters may break due to incorrectly leveled bases. During the remodeling, the necessary cabinets are hung on the wall with doors and hardware installed.

What Makes a Kitchen Renovation Different from a Refacing Project?

The differences between cabinet replacement and refacing are often indistinguishable. The main distinction is that while the cabinet boxes and layout look newer, the refaced cabinets do not.

Installing new drawer fronts, cabinet doors, and veneering the cabinet boxes are all part of the refacing process. Additionally, new cabinet equipment is often installed. However, the cabinet inside are usually the same.

On the other hand, remodeling kitchen cabinets entails taking out the current cabinets and installing new ones. When doing a complete kitchen renovation or when cabinet boxes are in poor condition, this is the ideal choice.

Replacement mostly involves leveling base cabinets carefully, however it also involves some heavy lifting of wall cabinets. Experts will constantly update your kitchen to your specifications with superb quality.

A Kitchen Cabinet Reface’s Advantages:

It avoids an excessive and unmanageable mess and saves time.

It will cost you half as much to reface the cabinets as it will to replace them entirely.

There are a ton of different styles and skins available. Select from an extensive array of options for style, color, finish, and hardware.

It respects the environment. You save less material that would have gone to waste in a landfill since your cabinets aren’t completely reconstructed.

Advantages of Remodeling Cabinetry:

To enhance the overall functionality of your kitchen, you may install new cabinets or raise the height of your current cabinets.

To save money on electricity, replace your outdated kitchen equipment with more energy-efficient models.

Your kitchen will seem radically different and much more appealing if you replace all of the cabinet hardware.

Comfort may be increased in the kitchen in a variety of ways. Increased ventilation, for instance, can lessen the heat and odors that come with cooking. Adding a kitchen island with a seating area might be a great way to make your dining room feel larger. Adding larger windows could allow you to let in more light.

A recently renovated kitchen is probably going to draw buyers. As a result, when you decide to sell your house, its value will rise.

Things to Take Into Account Prior to Remodeling or Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cost of kitchen renovation: This is the most important, but hardest, component to estimate. When choosing how big you want to go, take your budget into account because a new kitchen may be expensive. Look through a few websites and ask about the prices.

Analyze the existing layout: Kitchen experts advise remaining with your present layout to simplify remodeling and save costs. If you keep major services like gas, electricity, and plumbing in place, you may save money. This does not, however, mean that the new cabinets have to be placed in the same location as the old ones. You may thus swap out closed cupboards for open cabinets, even though your refrigerator and sink will stay in place.

Appliances to think about: If you’re looking for a large commercial range, bear in mind that additional work may be required to stabilize the floor beneath the appliance’s load. Different cooktop models call for varying cabinet depths beneath them. Thus, consider the dimensions, functionality, and depth of any home appliance you choose to remodel.

Every kitchen should have the aesthetic appeal and functionality that you desire. After taking into account everything said above, choose what is best for your kitchen. But one crucial thing you can do to make your job simple and really productive is to delegate interior design tasks to professionals in the area.

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