Shining a Light on Solar Power: The Benefits of Going Solar in San Diego

Shining a Light on Solar Power: The Benefits of Going Solar in San Diego

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San Diego is known for its sunny weather, which makes it an ideal location for solar power. With the rising costs of energy and concerns about the environment, more and more homeowners in San Diego are considering going solar. In this article, we will explore the benefits of solar power in San Diego.


Connecticut isn’t the sunniest state, but between solar incentives and high electricity prices, there’s plenty to gain by powering your home with solar panels. But with some of the highest grid electricity prices in the nation, solar panels can go… The San Diego Solar Equity Program (SDSEP) is a 10-year incentive program funded by San Diego Gas & solar San Diego Electric (SDG&E) shareholder funds as part of the City of San Diego’s franchise agreement with SDG&E. The program allocates a total of $10 million, $1 million per year, to provide eligible, income-qualifying customers with monetary assistance to install solar panels on their homes. Photovoltaic solar is reliable, requiring very little maintenance.

Lower Energy Bills

San Diego Home Energy Needs

One of the most obvious benefits of solar power is that it can save you money on your energy bills. Once you install solar panels on your home, you can generate your own electricity and reduce your reliance on the grid. This means that you can potentially eliminate your electricity bill entirely or significantly reduce it. You can also sell excess power back to the grid if you generate more than you need.

Increased Home Value

Solar panels can add value to your home. According to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, homes with solar panels sold for 4.1% more than comparable homes without solar panels. This means that you can recoup some or all of your investment when you sell your home.

Environmental Benefits

But in California, active solar panel systems are excluded from property tax assessments, meaning they won’t increase your property tax rate. San Diego homeowners with utility service through San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) also qualify for the Self-Generation Incentive Program for battery storage. Using more advanced solar panel technology can also increase the kWh output of the panels per kW of installed system capacity. There are far more advanced systems available that can produce 8% – 20% more kWh per watt of installed system capacity.

Solar power is a clean and renewable source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power does not produce greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change. By going solar, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment for future generations.

Incentives and Rebates

The government and utility companies offer incentives and rebates to homeowners who install solar panels. These incentives can make it more affordable to go solar. For example, the federal government offers a tax credit for solar panel installations. Additionally, the California Solar Initiative offers rebates to homeowners who install solar panels.

Energy Independence

By generating your own electricity, you can achieve energy independence. This means that you are not subject to the fluctuations in energy prices or power outages. You can also be confident that you are doing your part to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.


Solar power offers a wide range of benefits for homeowners in San Diego. From lower energy bills to environmental benefits to increased home value, solar power is a smart investment. Additionally, with incentives and rebates available, going solar has never been more affordable. If you are considering going solar, contact a local installer to learn more about your options.

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