Why is the HydraFacial Treatment so well-liked, and what is it exactly?

Every fifteen seconds, somewhere in the world, a HydraFacial is done. Try not to do the math—this is equivalent to two million treatments performed worldwide in just the previous year. Folks, this is a facial. A SIDE BAR.

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Yes, everyone enjoys getting facials. Getting one has several advantages for your skin in addition to being a pleasant delight. What, therefore, distinguishes a HydraFacial from the others and makes it so unique? The majority of facials focus on extremely particular skin issues, and some are excessively severe for people who are sensitive in any way. However, most skin types can tolerate the HydraFacial, if not all of them. Additionally, there is extremely little chance that the therapy will have any unfavorable side effects.

What are the advantages of a HydraFacial?

The HydraFacial is performed with a “medical-grade hydradermabrasion device that carries out a patented three-part regimen — cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing skin with intensive serums,” according to Sameer Bashey, a clinical dermatology instructor at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Hydradermabrasion as a backup? Yes. This kinder kind of dermabrasion removes dirt from the skin by vacuuming out pores and simultaneously injecting powerful active ingredients that protect, brighten, plump, and moisturize the skin. Patented spiralized treatment tips with “vortex technology”—a swirling force that both gives and takes away—are held in the machine’s handpiece.

“HydraFacials can be beneficial for all skin types and work to boost radiance, hydrate, plump, and brighten the skin,” explains board-certified dermatologist Marisa Garshick, MD, of MDCS Dermatology in New York City. Among the treatment’s further advantages, according to board-certified dermatologist Jeanette Graf, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, are firmer skin, noticeable fine line smoothing, and assistance with sun damage.

What can I anticipate having a HydraFacial?

Generally speaking, a HydraFacial consists of three steps: To remove dead skin cells, wash and exfoliate the skin first. The extraction comes next. In this stage, a practitioner reduces congestion and unclogs pores using a suction instrument. Finally, the gadget fills the skin with a serum that has been combined with collagen and antioxidants. Skin that is moisturized, radiant, and plumped is the ultimate result.


The minimal to no downtime following a HydraFacial treatment is one of its benefits. While some people may suffer redness, most people should anticipate seeing their skin appear plumper, more moisturized, and rejuvenated, according to Dr. Garshick. Dr. Graf advises against washing your face for the remainder of the day following your facial and staying away from any physical activity that might cause perspiration. She also stresses how crucial it is to use SPF to shield the skin from sunlight after treatment.

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